About Me

I am a Performance Costume student in my final year at Edinburgh College of Art (part of University of Edinburgh). I have always had a strong interest in both theatre, film and design and realised whilst at school that costume design is the perfectway for me to combine everything. Over the last 3 years at ECA I have developed a good knowledge in both the design and making of costume, with skills ranging from pattern drafting and cutting, garment construction, textile design, CAD, dying techniques and the development of costume designs for both film and theatre.

Curriculum Vitae


July 2016: Assistant Costume Designer for the Royal Lyceum Theatre’s ‘Summer on Stage’: Macbeth and King Matt

During July 2016 I spent 3 weeks working with the Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh as the Assistant Costume Designer for their Youth Program Summer on Stage. There was two productions as part of this; ‘Macbeth’ with the 15-18 year olds and ‘King Matt’ with the 11-15 year olds. I spent a lot of time in rehearsals with Costume Designer Hannah Wolfe as well as going sourcing for a lot of the costumes. During the tech week of the productions, Hannah had to see to another show meaning I was left with the task of Costume Designer, where I oversaw all of the dress runs and dealt with any last minute problems.

2016: Costume Designer for the Lyceum Theatre’s ‘Summer on Stage’: Kings and Queens

As part of Summer on Stage I was tasked with being the Costume Designer for the 7-11 year olds devised piece focussing around the theme of Kings and Queens. There was a very small budget for a cast of 31 children, so it mainly consisted of sourcing costumes from the Lyceum’s wardrobe as well as finding innovative ways of portraying the different character groups whilst not spending much money.

2016: Costume Designer and Maker for Some Kind of Theatre’s production of ‘The Tempest’

As part of Some Kind of Theatre’s Production of ‘The Tempest’ I was in the position of the main costume designer and maker. I had design, source and in some cases make 11 steampunk themed costumes for the characters of the production.

2015: Lichtenstein dance project at the Modern Art Gallery

As part of a university project in collaboration with the Modern Art Gallery’s exhibition of Roy Lichtenstein and the dance course at Edinburgh College, I had to design and make a dance costume based around his work. This was then used in a dance performance in the exhibition space.

2015: Costume Designer for Scottish Women’s Rugby

With the aim to dispel any preconceptions of women’s rugby being very masculine and butch, the PR department at Scottish Rugby approached Edinburgh College of Art for costumes that would show the more strong feminine, female empowerment side of the sport. As part of a group of others, I designed and constructed one of the dresses used in the photo shoot.

2015: Standby for Edinburgh Napier MA film ‘Cows are not on the menu’

Along with sourcing of the costumes, this role mainly required me to be on set checking continuity, resetting between takes and keeping the wardrobe generally organised.

2015: Costume Supervisor for Edinburgh College of Art MA film A ‘Foreign God’

As part of the Costume Department for a Edinburgh College of Art MA film, I was given the role of supervisor. As well as keeping an organised file of all the costume notes and budget, I also worked with the Designer to source and break down several of the costumes.

2015: Costume Designer for ‘Specks of Dust’

‘Specks of Dust’ was a short sci-fi film set in the not so distance future focussing of the relationship between two people preparing for space travel. As a costume department we worked very closely with the Director to create the exact look that she was searching for. As well as sourcing the costumes with were required to create logos to tie all the costumes together.

2014: Costume Designer for Bracket Productions Performance of ‘The Importance of Being Ernst’

As part of the costume department for this Edinburgh based student production company, I was required to design and source period costumes suitable for a Victorian set theatre show. It mainly consisted off sourcing items of clothing from charity shops and adapting them to fit the time period. We also worked closely with a local theatre company and managed to borrow a lot of items that they had available in their wardrobe.

2014: Costume Designer for Outer Limit Productions ‘Brain Food’

This production required creating a number of contemporary zombie costumes with the idea that zombie were now working in factories and office jobs, creating a whole civilisation. As well as sourcing various suits and ties, all the costumes required a lot of breakdown to create an authentic zombie look.

2013: Film Crew Member for a Student Film focussed on William Scott.

William Scott is a local artist near where I am from in Somerset. The Victoria Art Gallery asked a film company to create a short documentary about William Scott’s life to show in the gallery for his centenary, in collaboration with a local school. As part of this I helped with the sound and camera as well as interviewing people who knew him.

2012: Illustrator for a Primary School Mural.

I worked as part of a group of other students to create a woodland scene mural using illustrations that the Primary school aged children had created in the style of ‘The Gruffalo’ illustrator Axel Scheffler.


University of Edinburgh: BA(hons) Performance Costume, 2014-present

Weston College: Ual Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (Distinction), 2013-2014

Chew Valley Secondary School: A Levels (A,B,B) and GCSEs (A*-B)