For me the story of The Firebird really strongly conveyed a sense of exploration. Ivan embarks on both a physical and emotional journey of self-discovery. Growing from a boy who was always in the shadow of his sister to become the hero of the story. The King Saltan too goes on a clear journey within the narrative, changing from a selfish materialistic naïve man to a loving father who learns to expect his son for who he is.

The title ‘The Firebird’ instantly brought images of fire and heat to mind and I saw the story being set in the Middle East rather than its native Russia. With the brief stating that the performance is to take place at Christmas time, the copiousness amount of vibrant opulent colours and textures within traditional Arabian culture lends itself to the magical atmosphere expected of a Christmas show. Furthermore the dynamic pace of the story and various different locations would be interesting to set in the diverse landscape of the Middle East, using the Arabian Desert of Baba Yaga’s home and the mountain ranges for the Wolf.

Looking into the Elizabethan era was a good comparison to draw upon as at the time a lot of trade routes were being established with the Middle East, bringing to England exotic spices and an abundance of rich fabrics. This idea of discovery links back with my concept of exploration.